Border Collie Training for New and Old Dogs

Border Collie TrainingSome people may find border collie training a challenge. In order to succeed with training you’ll need to start when your dog is very young, in order to take advantage of this time, when your dog is able to learn the most, the fastest. Socializing your puppy will be a very important part of Border collie training. The sooner your dog is accustomed to people and normal household activity, the sooner they’ll learn how to behave in your home and around you and your family. Speak with a professional trainer, who can recommend certain training techniques that can benefit your pup specifically.

Basic and Advanced Training ideas for this Breed

If you end up with a border collie, you’ll need to devote plenty of time training them and providing them with an outlet for their energy. You can begin basic obedience training as soon as three months. You should start by teaching your dog the basic commands such as sit, stay, come and down. Train your dog to come when called and to not jump up on people. This breed is very sensitive and they can become defiant and refuse to listen to people who hit them or yell. Because of this you’ll need to establish yourself as pack leader, and only train your dog using positive reinforcement. A dog that is trained right should not fear their owner.

These high energy dogs need to be walked once or twice daily and they thrive most in an active environment. Playing fetch, wrestling or playing with toys can help to exercise your dog and burn all that built up energy. Teaching your collie tricks is also a great way to exercise them physically and mentally.

If your dog is well socialized and gets along with other dogs you can also consider taking them to a dog park. This is a great way to exercise them and allow them to burn Border Collie Training2off energy while interacting with playmates. A tired collie is a happy collie.

Collie’s can also benefit from going to an indoor training facility where they can participate in agility training. Agility is considered a strenuous sport, so young pups will not be able to participate until they’re at least six months old. As long as you work closely with your dog and keep them active, you should have no trouble experiencing positive results.

Is it really impossible to Teach an Old Dog new Tricks?

If you have adopted an older collie who’s in need of training, keep in mind that it can take longer to see results. However, due to their high level of intelligence, it’s never too late. Keep in mind that an older dog may have picked up some bad habits and these can be hard to break. Patience and consistency will be key for effective training for a collie of any age.