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What can I do to Stop Puppy Biting?

Biting is very common in puppies, especially during playtime or if they’re teething. If you want to stop puppy biting it will be up to you to teach your dog what type of behavior is acceptable. A puppy will need to learn to stop biting before they reach four months of age. Usually, puppies learn […]

Proper Pit Bull Training

The pit bull is a loyal and powerful family dog. Very athletic and full of energy, they require training in order to thrive. These dogs are very protective and make great family dogs and guard dogs. They have a deep desire to please their owner and if trained properly you’ll have a dog that’s both […]

German Shepherd Training Techniques

German shepherd training can be a wonderful experience for both you and your dog. It not only helps your dog to grow into a happy and healthy adult, but it also strengthens the bond between dog and owner and helps them to exercise their mind. These animals are very intelligent and need to follow a […]